The Best Plans For Your Social Media Strategy To Get A Good Marketing Result

 The Best Plans For Your Social Media Strategy To Get A Good Marketing Result

The Best Plans For Your Social Media Strategy To Get A Good Marketing Result
The Best Plans For Your Social Media Strategy To Get A Good Marketing Result

The best way to plan your social media strategy is to start big and then move towards the details. Here I will discuss all things social media planning, social media calendar, social media content, breaking it all down. In this article, I want to help you with the best way to approach the entire strategy. 

So we’re gonna start big and we’re gonna work our way back down to the details, which the details would be the daily posts. So here’s something to consider and a place to start when you are new at building a social media strategy or at least one that’s effective. 

So even if you’ve started and you’re not seeing results, I’d still consider listening to this and considering how you can tweak your current strategy. 

So the first place we’re going to the best plans for your Social Media Strategy to get a good marketing result:

So we’re stepping way back, we’re going birds-eye view and we need to talk about where you’re showing up. 

When you are thinking about where to bring your business, what social networks to bring your business to--I mean, are you going to bring it to Facebook? 

Are you going to bring it on Instagram? There is Twitter, there’s LinkedIn. 

Where are you going to show up? That’s the very first step.

 And when you’re considering this, think about, A, where you enjoy showing up because you’re gonna be spending some time here, B, where your target audience is hanging out. 

If your target audience isn’t on a channel, you’re gonna spend a whole lot of effort and not see a whole lot of return, which doesn’t feel good, and also where you can best communicate or showcase your products or services. 

In general, if you have a very visual, beautiful brand, Instagram is going to be one of your best friends. If you have a more content-oriented brand, something like Facebook will probably be a better match for you because you can share links easier, and creating bigger pieces of content is easier. 

Also, people are in a slightly less visual mindset on Facebook than they are on Instagram. You can go check it out. So that’s just a couple tips if you’re choosing between the two of those. 

How to Plan the strategies :

So the first thing is just to choose one to two platforms for where you want to show up and the reason I suggest that is if you end up trying to manage many social media platforms and you’re the only person that is managing all these platforms. 

You’re gonna be spread thin, you’re not gonna show up anywhere with quality, and you’re not going to see results because you’re not able to make the level of connections or create the level of content it’s truly going to take to actually see results. It’s not--it’s not enough to just show up. 

You have to show up with intention and you have to show with a strategy in order to see results, and I can’t stress that enough. Okay, the second thing is that we have to think about, what experience do I want my viewers to have? 

Okay, so I have decided I’m going to show up to Facebook and I’m going to show up to Instagram. Those are my two focuses, I’m dropping everything else. Now, what experience do I want my users to have when they land on my channels? 

So this comes down to--like, consider how you want your brand, I guess, to interact with them. Like, what personality does your brand have? What--when they land on your page, like what do you want them to instantly know? 

Like, they land on your page, they see your Facebook profile, they do a couple of scrolls, what should they know quickly within those couple scrolls? 

What about your personality do you want them to know? What role do you want them to know you play in their life? 

What can you help them with? 

All those things should be answered like immediately and we can do that in how we optimize the profile itself, so like the banner image, the statement of what I do and how I serve people, and we can also do that throughout our posts. So it’s getting clear first on, do I want people to feel inspired? 

Do I want them to feel fired up? 

Do I want them to feel like I’m a load of fun? 

Do I want them to feel creative? 

Do I want them to feel like they get to learn something, maybe a mix of those things? 

Just, what do you want them to take away? 

What experience do you want them to have and until you get clear on that, you’re not going to be able to create consistently and you're not going to have clarity as a business owner, especially with your brand. Like, this is important to do as a basis for your brand in general. The next thing that you need to get clear on is your goals. 

So we went like the way big picture, what channels, then we went a little bit more specific. Now, we’re drilling down a little more and we gotta talk about your goals. What are your goals for your business with your channel? 

If you want to use it for business, we first have to get clear in what are the business goals you’re going to achieve with that channel? 

So I want more subscribers to my email list. I want people to watch my videos and then want to take action by messaging me to learn more about the work I do or to take action to check out my products on my website. 

I want people to take action to get on my email list. What are the goals that your channel will produce for your business when somebody interacts with it? 


There’s a lot of different ways that you can create promos or content that’s going to support you in reaching your goals. 

It’s really just coming down to like--and your goals may change week to week--I should say that--so it really comes down to what's goal right now at this point in time and how can I support myself in achieving that? 

I don’t ever move more quickly on a goal for my business than a week's time period. So for an entire week, make sure you have at least one goal. And you can be working to achieve that goal in many different ways. 

So it might be like asking a question to your the audience, like what do you think--of “If you had $500 to spend on clothes, what would you buy it? 

And oh, by the way, I’m also having this flash sale today of all my spring clothes that you can wear in the summer.” Right? 

So you can like reinvent that same goal multiple times over a week period and really get people like thinking, get their minds churning, get them multiple exposures. Not everybody is on social media every single day. Not everybody is gonna see all your posts, every single post that you do. Not everybody is gonna take action. 

It’s not gonna be the right time for everybody. Sometimes we’re on the go when we’re on social media. Sometimes it’s not the right timing to click to check out something or to click to check out to buy something. 

So it’s really important that we are--we give a chunk of time of one goal so that we can actually, see the results of the goal. 

And this is like one of the biggest #1 mistakes that I see, is that people are throwing things out there so quickly and then they're not seeing results because they haven’t given the chance, like the timing-wise chance, to actually see that goal come into fruition because it takes multiple exposures for somebody to actually take action. 

So we’re gonna drill-like one last detail and me honestly kind of just already did. It’s after you come up with that content that promo that’s gonna support you in achieving your goal. 

Let’s say my goal is sales of my clothing and I’m gonna run a flash sale to support me in that goal, then it comes down to the post, the exact post to help you achieve that, promoting that flash sale, which I just kind of explained how that would work. 

So that is how you create a social media strategy from the beginning. It’s starting big picture if you’re just getting started or if you’re struggling, go big picture and revisit some of these ideas and get really focused, like drilled down, down to the post in a way that’s promoting your business, promoting a solid strategy that has goal and intention behind it. 

If you want to support in creating your own social media planner like down to the day, down to done-for-you social media post prompts, and ready to go and use the appealing visual brand, you can definitely check my other articles. 

And just to recap, in this article, we talked about how to create the best social media plan, the best social media strategy, and the best path for you in building your own social media strategy.

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