How To Increase Extend WiFi Network Range

How To Increase Extend WiFi Network Range  


How To Increase Extend WiFi Network Range
How To Increase Extend WiFi Network Range  

Hello, Friends nowadays everybody is using wifi. Everybody has a wifi router at home or office. WiFi provides good connectivity. But WiFi has some limitations at home if you have placed the wifi router in the drawing-room. Then you will get a strong WiFi signal and internet speed in the drawing-room. 

But in other rooms, you have probably noticed that you are getting poor wifi signal and low internet speed. If you are living in a two-story house and you have placed the wifi router on the ground floor then wifi signal reception on the first floor is very poor. 

The reason you are getting poor WiFi signals because the wifi signal range is approximately 150ft to 300ft in outdoor or in open space. 

But indoors the scenario is different there are many walls, doors, a concrete a ceiling that degrades our wifi signal strength, and also household appliances like microwave ovens, cordless phones, or nearby wifi signals which use the same frequency as wifi and cause interference with our wifi signal. So how to overcome this problem so you can get a strong wifi signal in every corner of the house. 

 By connecting the two routers wirelessly, it's working quite well. But because of so many WiFi signals in my neighborhood, my home became WiFi crowded, and also, there are many walls that are blocking my WiFi signal. 

So, it's affecting my main wireless link between two WiFi routers wireless link between the main router and extender router itself is poor then it is obvious that devices connected to the extended router will face speed issues. 

To overcome these problems I have decided to connect two routers using wired Ethernet/LAN cable. So the link between two routers will not be affected by any walls, household appliances, or nearby wifi signal. 

Now start the process to increase extend WiFi Network Range:

You can connect the two routers using two different modes. 

1. Router Mode. 

2. Access Point Mode.

 Router mode is mainly used when you have a DSL cable modem, which is provided by ISP. Sometime isp provides basic modem i.e. It has only one LAN port and no wireless functionality in it. So here you can connect only one device to access the internet. 

You can’t able to share the internet with others. So in this type of scenario router mode and connect your WiFi router to ISP modem using LAN cable. So, you can share the internet using routers available LAN port, and also devices can access the internet using routers built-in wifi functionality. 

In this mode, two different subnets will be created. Both routers have their own DHCP server. Access point mode is mainly used when you have a wired network and want to convert it into wireless. So converting the router into an access point, wireless devices like laptop phones can connect to existing wired networks. 

Here all the devices will be in the same network. In this mode, the main router act as a DHCP server which provides IP addresses to all the devices on the network. You can also use this mode to extend the increase in your existing wifi network range. 

So here, I am going to convert my router as an access point then connect it to my main router so I can extend my existing wifi network range. 

Here is my TP-Link router model number wr841nand I want this router as an access point. Lets first reset the router so if there are any settings saved in the router then it will be deleted. To reset the router press and hold the reset button until all led lights flash. 

First, we have to log in to the router. All the login information is given at the backside of the router. So let's connect to the default wifi network SSID name is TPlink_E0FA and the password is 76693779. Now to access the router open the browser and type or you can type or 

Login with the default username and password here is the admin password is also admin. Now go wireless and change the wifi network name. You can use the existing home wifi network name or can use any here I am changing it to Space X. Then click Save. As we have changed the wifi network name, we are disconnected from the wifi network. 

Login to the new wifi network namespace and password is we have not changed the default password. Let’s change it, for that go to wireless then under wireless security change the password. I am changing it to time1234 and clicks save. As we have changed the password we are again disconnected from the wifi network. 

So again login with a new password. Now go to the network and select a .and change the default LAN IP address. Remember extender router IP address must be in the same subnet of your main wifi network. so login into your home wifi router and go to the DHCP server and under DHCP settings note down the start and end IP address range. 

You have to apply IP address from this range only and that IP address must be unique and not used by any devices on the network. You can check which IP address is free under the DHCP client list.



Here I am using which is not used by any device. So set the extender router LAN IP address to save the settings and reboot the router. friends, You can skip this step but if you want to login to this extender router then you have physically reached near the router then need to connect a LAN cable to the computer/laptop. 

Because here extender routers default IP address is and our network is its better to change the IP address to the same subnet .so, you can log in to extender router wirelessly without physically reach near the router. 

Now the last very important setting for that connect to wifi network ss id space X and this time to access the router type the IP address192.168.1.150 in the browser. As we are using access point mode, all the devices will be in the same network. Our main router will act as a DHCP server. So we have to disable the DHCP server on the extender router. 

For that go to the DHCP server and under DHCP settings disable the DHCP server and save the settings and reboot the router. Now connect the extender router to the main router. Here is my main router which is connected to the internet. I am using cable network so isp cable is directly plugged into the wan port. my main router is up and running. 

Now take a LAN cable and plugged one end to main routers LAN port and a second end to extender routers LAN port. That’s it our router will act as an access point. Put the router at the bedroom or whatever place you want and turn on. You will get the strong wifi signal and the same internet speed as the main router. 

Let’s Connect to the extender routers wifi network and check if the internet is working or not. You can see that the internet is working. As I said earlier we can access the extender router without physically reaching near the router. 

We can access the extender router wirelessly. Type address in the browser here is future if you want to change the network name or password you can charge it wirelessly. You can see that the main routers which act as a DHCP server have provided IP address to this computer, which is in the same subnet of the main router. 

The benefit of the main router and extender the router is in the same network subnet is that we can access the files remotely. Here one of my pc is wirelessly connected to the main routers wifi network and its IP address is192.168.1.127. I can access that computer’s file remotely from this computer which is connected to the extender router’s wifi.

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