How Much India Ready For Launching 5G Network?

 How Much India Ready For Launching 5G Network?

How Much India Ready For Launching 5G Network?
How Much India Ready For Launching 5G Network?

Hey guys welcome. We will discuss 5G connectivity and if the Indian Smartphone market is ready for it or not. A lot of phones have been launched in India which has 5G capabilities but if there's no 5G connectivity in the country then what's the point? 

Now We Need To Know How Much India Ready For Launching 5G Network?

Some people believe their 5G devices provide better 4G connections and that's how 5G phones are beneficial for the time being but the truth is that the frequency of 5G is not compatible with 4G. Basically means the 5th generation of the mobile network that is going to be better than 4G The spectrum a.k.a. the radio frequency of 5G is quite extreme as compared to 4G. 

The maximum radio frequency of 4G is 8Ghz but this frequency reaches up to 95Ghz on 5G an idea of this can be ascertained with wifi routers, it supports 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz frequency In which the 2.5 GHz provides a long-range of connectivity but is compromised in terms of data speed. 

And 5 GHz provides limited area connectivity but the speeds are constant and strong here. Just like that, 5G connection has 3 classifications Low Band, Mid Band, High Band Low band consist of <1 GHz which provides speeds of 100-300 Mbps Mid The band consists of 1-10 GHz which is currently available on 4G and most routers as I explained earlier. 

This frequency supports 400-600 Mbps transfer speeds High Band consists of 20-95 GHz and theoretically, it can achieve speeds of up to 10 Gbps But it would only provide 1-2 Gbps in a real-world scenario High Band frequency faces an issue that it can't go through solid objects which makes it almost unusable.

Although 5G internet packs quiet the blazing speed but it doesn't only mean Netflix & Chill @ 8K 5G also promises a plethora of advancements in untapped technologies Examples of such are IoT devices Virtual reality and Augmented reality devices improved artificial intelligence, etc. 

In India, waiting for optimal 5G connection is equivalent to waiting for the so-called Good Days because everyone in the country is aware of the internet speeds And if the current scenario of 4G starts giving us what was promised then I'd wager that as my 'Acche Din'.

4G connectivity was initiated in India on 10th April 2012 By BHARTI AIRTEL company 4G speeds are technically supposed to be at 100 Mbps but the average speeds in India have been 11.46 Mbps according to a report generated in December 2019. 

Now if you compare this with the world then the Global Average 4G speeds are 32.01 Mbps Where India ranks 128 out of the 140 countries in the world in terms of average mobile internet speeds Now you may ask why does the country suck so much in terms of 4G connectivity? 

Then Let me tell you there are 4 reasons to it:

1st Reason:

1st reason being a rise in the demand of smartphones has led to a rise in demand for data a Few years back we used to get a 1Gb data limit Now that limit is slowly uprising. Who do you think this will affect the most? 

Of course, the ultimate consumers Out data limits are indeed increasing but lacking good speeds Telecom operators are unable to handle higher consumer demands meaning the networks are overloaded impacting the speeds everywhere. 

2nd Reason:

2nd reason is that data packs are becoming cheaper in India We don't like spending much on data which is why internet packs are getting cheaper but at the same time Network towers are getting crowded which ultimately becomes an issue of network congestion. 

And because of this, the quality in 4G plummets drastically low as I mentioned earlier And because companies work on making data cheaper, the revenue generated is relatively for companies to upgrade their current systems. 

3rd Reason:

3rd reason is the financial issues of the companies. The India telecom sector is stuck in a bad financial mess which is why companies are unable to invest in necessary infrastructure upgrades According to experts there are around 5 Lac's telecom towers among which only 25% of them are connected through Fiber Optics So, to increase the speeds, upgrades are required on the current infrastructure. 

4th Reason:

The last segment is the spectrum allocation/Radiofrequency allocation that is given to these companies by the govt. are relatively low because the majority of the spectrum is controlled by the govt, if the govt co-operates with these companies, then definitely there could be a lot of advancement in terms of internet speeds. 

5G is going to benefit a lot of IoT i.e. Internet of Things devices IoT devices are gadgets, appliances, or electronics that can be connected to the internet. For example smart bulbs Smart TV or Google speakers, all these devices can be connected to the internet and once 5G is implemented, the use cases for such devices will increase 5G will also lead to advancement in automobile industries which would lead to the production of more smart cars. 

These cars would be able to communicate with each other which in turn will lead to safer roads. And transportation will become more efficient as well 5G also plays a crucial role in Smart cities. 

With this technology, we'll be able to perform traffic control, video monitoring healthcare, agriculture or anything related to the application of this technology will become easier and efficient because 5G will have unbelievable speeds On Feb 2018, Bharti Airtel & Huawei conducted a 5G trial test but due to security reasons, Indian govt barred it and halted the work. 

Now very recently  Jio has announced that it'll bring homegrown 5G network from scratch that is based on the vision of Self-dependent Bharat, He also mentioned that the company is awaiting the allocation of the spectrum from the govt. And by next year i.e. 2021, they'll start the field deployments. 

So if you're looking forward to buying a Smartphone before 2021 which is slightly on the upper range only because of 5G capabilities then I'd suggest you either ignore that the decision or hold on to your choice until next year The ultimate choice is yours.


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