How Does Whatsapp Web Works In Our PC Or Laptops?

How Does Whatsapp Web Works In Our PC Or Laptops?
How Does Whatsapp Web Works In Our PC Or Laptops?

 In this social media generation, most of the inventors are inventing new technologies and features as per the requirement of the consumer. In the same way, the most popular and widely used social media application WhatsApp has also created an advanced feature for better use of technology. It is the WhatsApp Web. Here I will explain to you how does WhatsApp Web works in Social Media Feilds.

 Nowadays WhatsApp has become very popular due to its advanced and faster features. It is not only using by general cause although most of the professionals are using this application for their professional works. Even in the Business and Corporate field also we are using it for communication and other required works.

 We are all using WhatsApp in our daily life. Before that, we were using the messenger from Facebook and before that a long time ago we use the SMS. If you remember the SMS by using the sim that we used on our phone when there was no camera in the phones.

How to use Whatsapp Web?

 As we know that WhatsApp is also a part of Facebook. Facebook is the owner of WhatsApp. And also the concept of the location is actually introduce by the WhatsApp. You know in what step you can just send your location and the other person knows your location. Here other than this all there is also another thing and that is the Whatsapp web.

 So with WhatsApp web, you can just so easily scan QR code. That is visible on your desktop or your PC. And then whatever that is sent to your phone the messages and all your contacts whatever they send you. That is also visible on your desktop or your PC. 

 The benefit of this is whenever you are sitting in your office desktop whether your phone is everywhere. You can just use your WhatsApp anywhere on your desktop.  you just have to have a working internet connection.  

 So how does WhatsApp Web works in our PC or Laptops are you just scan the QR code by going to the web address that is Whatsapp web and in your phone, you just open your WhatsApp and there is an option you can just search for that so then it shows you the camera and then you can just scan the QR code that is displayed on the desktop. 

 When you scan that suddenly the interface of your WhatsApp on your phone is visible on the desktop and then you can just connect with your contacts through your desktop.

What is the process behind WhatsApp Web Works?

 I mean this article is just about that this article is all about that what is the process behind using the WhatsApp Web, how does the WhatsApp Web works, how does your system know this WhatsApp Web has scanned this QR code?

 I mean it even wants if you are phone is far away from the  PC. It will still work. So this is not like a connection of Wi-Fi or a connection to the server of the WhatsApp. So there is some story behind this it's not just like Bluetooth connection. Which we use by using connecting our headphones to our phone. And what’s sent to the phone we hear on the headphone. so it's not like that. So here is how it works.

Which are the things we need to look out?

 So there are three things in this. One WhatsApp needs to install on your phone and you have registered your ID with your phone number. And then there is a desktop in which there is the QR code visible. The third thing is the WhatsApp servers so where does it start from the desktop we know.

 Open your desktop and you open the WhatsApp web so there a QR code is shown. This QR code is actually a code it contains numbers. Now what you do you open the WhatsApp on your phone and then you scan this QR code so what happens is that the WhatsApp on your phone scans this code and it sends this code to WhatsApp servers.

 So the WhatsApp already knows your ID. Because your phone number is registered and your phone just sent this code to WhatsApp by using your phone number. So what happened is that WhatsApp has just known that your phone number sent the QR code. Then it will check where on earth this code is visible on any desktop because that also is visible by the WhatsApp web.

 By the WhatsApp Web, the server that code was displayed on some computer which has some IP address and some MAC address the Machine address, and the WhatsApp server knows that. I think all the information is with the WhatsApp everything is linked now in short the WhatsApp received the code from your phone number that was displayed on a system.



 In this way, Whatsapp Web works in our PC or Laptops. It means that whatever will receive to your phone WhatsApp server will send it to that system on which code is visible so there are now two interfaces of your WhatsApp. 

 Both will work simultaneously and even if you go away from your system, you will still receive the messages on your system so you will have to take care of that because you are away that because you will think you are now disconnected but you will not be and you will receive private messages on ur desktop.

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