Truth On Effect Of Cellphone Radiation On Human Body


Truth On Effect Of Cellphone Radiation On Human Body

With the rapid growth and development and to make our life easier and comfortable with this several companies developed a lot of technologies, due to this we don't have time to think for our near ones and even for ourselves.

For example, cellphones that we are using have made to increase the communication gap between one another. We can say Cellphone has become an essential item in our daily life but if we abuse the use of it it may lead to Cellphone radiation on the human body which can cause harmful results.

 Let us discuss this topic in today's episode.

 Everyone knows that the electromagnetic wave from mobiles is hazardous to children. This wave easily damages the Cerebellum in a short span of life. About this cerebellum, let us explained it later on.

 We all know how much it causes damage and some parents use cellphones in front of their children and some even taught them how to use it. This made them get spare time from their child. It grows a habit in using cellphones and this habit made to distract them from physical activities day by day Some years back, you might have encountered a video getting viral in social apps.

 The video was uploaded by the mother of that child to make it a social message to everyone. The child in the video is a victim of a brain tumor. His nervous system is damaged by up to 70%, so the cellphone has become a part of his body and never be separated from the cellphone. When the child is not with his phone, he neither walk nor moves without a phone.

Not only this, but we can also watch several videos regarding the cellphone used by people and their effects. The second one is from Delhi hospital who is admitted, the video was taken by the doctors from the hospital and uploaded by the doctors.

 As mentioned above So, let us know about the attack on the cerebellum.

 The cerebellum is found in the hindbrain. From sensory systems, spinal cord, and from other parts of the brain it receives information and it also regulates motor movements like walking, working, eating, etc. It all controls by the cerebellum. The ability to move and hold is all control by the cerebellum.

Everyone might found on youtube and social media that how much this cellphone radiation is hazardous to us. Even if this radiation is found hazardous, some media and cellphone companies never exposed about this or hard from them, let's discuss later why these companies never expressed this.

 In, 1995, the University of Washington, Scientist, Professor Henry Lai went research about the nonionizing radiation. The study was conducted on rats. The radiation given to the rats is the same as the amount that we used where the government and companies approved as it is safe to us.

 The result from the study says that the brain cells of the rats were damage. If you can't find these words trusting enough, Professor Lai's research paper was there at the US official website. You can go and search for it. If you find it interesting, you can check it for your study.

 After that research, Professor Lai knows that the non-ionizing radiation that he tested is also released in high amounts from our smartphones. One thing you need to know is the biological system of humans and rats is closely similar.

So, we can conclude that the damage in the rats might form in humans too.

The truth of Professor Henry Lai's research about the Effects of Cellphone Radiation on Human:

When Professor Henry Lai's research starts to know in the public, a well-known company, Motorola company of that time knows about it. Motorola company called Professor Lai to meet up, On the other side, a microwave news publication which examines health and environment effects of electromagnetic radiation try to suppress Professor Lai's research.

 At this moment, Professor Lai knows he was going to fall into some trap. But he didn't think much about this but in a wireless Tech Programme, a letter was received to the President of the University of Washington.

 The contents were about Professor Henry Lai and It's research Partner Narendra Pratap Singh, to fired from work. Not only this, but they also threatened to cut all their fundings if they didn't fire them, and the funding amount was 25 million dollars.

But the president of University did not allow them to fire Henry Lai. On seeing that letter, Professor Henry Lai was shocked and he said that "I did not believe that a scientist will fall in the trap of a high politics".

 Even the partners who work in Professor Lai's research who expressed the radiation was bad made to say that it was nothing harmful to us and it has made as to the debate in media. And the debate made to hide the solution and it stays hidden till now.

This was the master plan for those companies. The work and events went against professor Lai Made him upset and grow up a challenge. The challenge made him go a big analysis in 2006 about the topic.

 Let's see what was taken up in the analysis. From 1990 to 2006, then 16 years of research work was clearly analyzed and study. That 16 years of research underwent 326 studies. It gives 50% as harmful and another 50% as nonhazardous. This 50-50 result made them not able to give a clear result So, they divided the 326 study into two parts. Another part of it was given to the mobile companies and the other was given to independent scientists.

The first was found only 30% harmful And in the second one, it was found damaging the DNA and 70% harmful. This cellphone company intentionally tries to study in the wrong way and let's know this radiation as unharmed to us and made to use these cellphones.

 Even if we know all this, an American organization, the American Cancer Society did not give any response when they asked to take an interview with Professor Lai about this. They stayed up careless about this matter, But some top officials of the American Cancer society expressed.

 The radiofrequency was released from smartphones and will not be able to affect our DNA. That was a FALSE statement because, If we consider Professor Lai's research as an inaccurate so Why do these officials did not come up to Professor Lai's interview.

Not only this, in the telecom industry who took the full initiative, the CTIA organization also released a statement in media so carelessly that the radiation will not affect humans.

 Let us think and cautions that these companies freely expressed it in media that this radiation is not harmful to humans and kept Professor Lai's research suppressed. This is because if this is known to the public it will give a large impact on the wireless telecom industry. These people save the thin business from downfall by the power and profit they gain. Not only this, but many others were also present.

What should we have to do for our upcoming Generations?

   In the future, the 5G network will be more harmful to us. About this network, conspiracy theorists also said that the radiofrequency radiation from the 5G network damage our DNA and increase the chance of getting brain cancer. Even premature aging, disturbance in cell metabolism, etc.

 Some article sites also research in some organization studies like WHO. But we have to save our future generations. The above-said children who were affected by cellphone radiation are the example of radiation. Let's not make this happen again to our kids.

What do the Kids want! A few moments of time spend with their parents! A few moments of LOVE and CARE from you and far from mobile is what they want.

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