WiFi Direct? What is WiFi Direct and how it works? What type of Devices have this?

WiFi Direct

What is WiFi Direct and What type of Devices have this
What is WiFi Direct and What type of Devices have this

We all know about WiFi, which is used to share the internet on devices like mobile, laptop, computer, etc. WiFi is the wireless medium where we don't require any cables to transfer data.

But what is WiFi Direct?

Most of us don't know about it. Usually, we have used it many times in our life but never realize the use of this technology.

In simple language WiFi direct is like 2nd generation of WiFi or you can say that the advanced technology of WiFi. Only WiFi Direct enabled devices can utilize this technology.

So what are thinking now, isn't it quite confusing? Yes, It is quite confusing but here we will explain the whole technology related to it.

So, let's start with the basic information about WiFi Direct......

What is WiFi Direct?

WiFi Direct is a form of advanced WiFi Technology that allows you to establish a connection with various devices directly without any internet connection. It means it doesn't require any type of wireless network to transfer data. but both devices need to have WiFi Direct technology enable.

You can take some examples of devices like Printer, Mobile phones, cameras, printers, PCs, and gaming devices that can connect to each other directly to transfer content and other applications without any restriction.

By this technology, two or more than two devices can connect easily at the same time because of its sharing ability without the internet.

We can connect devices by tapping on the application or entering the password, whatever you want to set to apply. But it is applicable in limited distance similar to WiFi, If you become out of its reach then it can not able to transmit.

Now you surely thinking that is it like Bluetooth?

No, It is not Bluetooth. Bluetooth is also used to transfer files but it becomes old technology and also very slow, whereas WiFi Direct is many more times faster than Bluetooth and it can connect more devices at a time.

The example of WiFi Direct is various applications you are using in mobiles like Shareit, Xender, Zppya, etc. These applications are able to share the files and apps to another mobile very quickly and safely.

 In Bluetooth, we can only send images or videos but by WiFi Direct we can send applications also without the use of the internet.

How WiFi Direct Works
How WiFi Direct Works

How WiFi Direct works?

WiFi direct have various abilities like easy and fastest connection, More than two devices can connect which each other at a time, depends on WiFi Protected Setup (WAP) similar to a regular WiFi connection, transfer all type of content, files, and apps, no requirement of any internet, etc.

These were the main aim to build this technology because in previous times it was very difficult to share anything, previously it required much more time and that was manual.

The working process of WiFi Direct is not so complicated, and also very safe and secured, in this technology, any device which has WiFi Direct enable application discovers the opposite similar to it might discover a Wi-Fi network, then you need to enter a pin or push a button, the gadgets are connected.

It does not require to arrange any visibility and matched up against any lengthy numeric codes like Bluetooth. In this process no need to connect any WiFi or another mode of internet.

While you join two devices through WiFi Direct, it starts to work like WiFi technology where one of them creates an access point much like a router and another device connects to it like our mobile or laptop. Here you do not need to do it manually, it will happen automatically.

The connection depends on what type of device you are using if you are sending some content then the source device will be the access point and the other will be the receiving point which will receive the content like we can take an example of Printer, In printer Mobile or laptop is the access point and the printer is the receiving point.

And as we discussed previously that WiFi Direct depends on WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) which is an easy method to securely join two devices through WiFi. It is like a router, you need to enter a pin or password displayed on the display screen, or press a button, and after that, the device will easily connect to each other.

Where we can Use WiFi Direct Technology:

In our daily life, we need to use many types of devices for a different purpose, but most of the time do it manually or with slow processing applications. In modern days most of the devices are WiFI Direct enables which are used to share content or files.

Mobile Phones:

 We can send anything through WiFi Direct technologies from one mobile to many, for this we require to install some applications which are allowed to work WiFi direct technology.


We can send copies or other documents which we require to print without using the internet.

Music Player: 

We can play music in Music Player by mobile or laptop but the Music Player should have WiFi Direct Technology.

Gaming Device:

We can play games on mobiles and laptops without any cable connections through WiFi Direct.


 We can operate Televisions to play video, movies, songs, etc without any external device. You can play them from your mobile or laptop easily by connecting through WiFi Direct.


These all are daily using devices. There are many highly technical devices are also using this WiFi Direct technology in modern time. And also many more devices are going to launch in the future which will also able to use WiFi Direct Technology.

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