What Is 5G? Explanation Of How Does 5G Works?

5G Technologies
5G Technologies

In technical language, 5G means Fifth Generation Fileless Network Technology, the most advanced and powerful network technology compare to current other network technology. It has not only faster network ability also it has low latency.

  Just for an example,  you are right now using a 4G network by which you can download any movie requires 5-6 hours to complete full downloading but in 5G network, it will require only 10-15 seconds because it is 1000 times faster than the 4G network.

What Is 5G? Explanation Of How Does 5G Works ?

  Now, you are thinking that how it is possible? How it can be better than 4G? Which type of technology using in 5G? So here we discuss the whole technology and signal processing of 5G. To know everything about 5G read the whole post step by step.

1. What is 5G ?:

  5G is concerned with broadband wireless connection by which data can transmit more than 20 Gbps speed. Its latency rate is around 1 millisecond which is near about 300 times lesser than 1 eye blink. The reason for the fastest internet speed and low latency is Millimeter Wave Technology which is based on Radio Frequency Band. Because of Millimeter Wave, the data can transmit from one place to another very faster than Fiber Optics. You can understand how impactful it is.

2. 5G Network Description:

 In the 1980s era, 1G has been introduced which provided voice communication only. Later in the 1990s, 2G has been introduced based on Global Packet Data Service (GPRS) by which we started sending emails and normal browsing only. After some years 3G has been introduced which provided us the fast internet and reliability.

  After that at last, 4G has been introduced by which our lives become fully internet dependent. Now we are going one more step ahead, that is 5G. Most of the biggest Wireless communication device manufacturing related companies are working on the development of Signal Processing and antenna technology of 5G. In most of the country, it is already started and people are using.

3. How Does 5G Works?:

  Our mobiles and other electronic devices are using the radio frequency spectrum of 6 GHz, but whenever maximum devices are connected together at the same time then the frequency got more traffic which reduces the internet speed. This problem will be solved by a 5G network where the Millimeter-wave can transmit between 20 GHz to 300 GHz.

  Currently, in 4G technology 10 lacs, devices are connected in 500 square km area but in 5G technology 10 lacs devices can be connected in 1 square km area.

  But there is a drawback in Millimeter Wave Technology that it can not transmit properly more than 300-400 meters of range because its frequency band is very high. Even also it can not transmit properly through obstacles like buildings or windows and also during rain or bad weather it can not provide proper transmission.

  Most companies like Ericsson, Samsung, Verizon, T Mobile, AT&T, etc are working on developing advanced technologies and signal processing so that it can overcome the short-range and obstacle issue.

4. 5G Advantages:

  • The use of 5G will enable to keep a connection with running vehicle remotely by which vehicles will be saved from an accident. Whenever a vehicle will come nearer to any other vehicle it will senses the possibility of accident and stop the vehicle itself to avoid an accident.
  • The other biggest advantage is in the medical field where the doctors can operate major operations and other minor treatments from other places remotely because of its minimum latency ability.
  • Another advantage is It will provide faster experience in online gaming. Because of fast latency, many people can play online games together from different places remotely.
  • In the industrial field also it will be very helpful for operating various difficult devices easily.
  • 5G is expected to deliver 1000 times of 4G network, which means we will get more than broadband speed everywhere.
  • Whether we are on any vehicle or largely populated area we will get fast internet connectivity. 

6. Disadvantages of 5G:

  • Technology is still under process because it has some drawbacks and physical affection possibilities.
  • The current infrastructure of wireless networks is not appropriate for 5G network infrastructure, So for 5G network installation, it requires new setups which will be very costly.
  • Not only Infrastructure it also requires new devices which is also costly needs to charge fully.
  • Technology is still under process because it has some drawbacks and physical affection possibilities.

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