Social Media Marketing Strategies For Beginners - 5 Steps Of Marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Beginners
Social Media Marketing Strategies For Beginners

Social Media Marketing Strategies For Beginners - - 5 Steps Of Marketing

  In simple language, Social Media Marketing is advertising and marketing of your product or your business on various social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. It is one of the parts of Digital Marketing.

  In today's Generation Social Media Marketing become more popular and successful for any type because through social media you can spread your business everywhere you want to reach. And also you can give professionalism in your business which will attract the customers and boost your marketing.

  Because of the high demand for social media marketing day by day, it becomes more competitive. Everyone wants to promote their product on social media. But proper strategies of marketing can give you high growth in your business. You need to be very smart and follow the fundamentals of social media marketing strategies.

  Basic funda of strategy Social Media Marketing is Starting - Execution - Ending. If these 3 basic fundamentals are not smooth then it will surely affect your marketing. So from a beginner point of view, you have to follow some process otherwise you won't get success in social media marketing. In every step, you can choose one or more than one plan and link it to the plan of the next step.

  Example:  Goals [Brand Awareness] - Whom you want to reach - [New market] - Platform [Youtube] - engagement [Videos] - Customer & Feedback

Step 1 -  Marketing Goals:

  The first and very vital step is making marketing Goals because in the marketing field without Goals you can not execute your marketing plans. In this context you need to set a plan that how you show your product to others and what type of product it is. Your product should be very attractive and Customer friendly.

  Take one or more than one suitable plan from below mentioned plans for beginning step -

a. Brand Awareness

b. Website Traffic

c Proper SEO (Link)

d. Conversion

Step 2 - Whom You Want To Reach?:

  The next vital step is choosing the customer. The most important thing is your customer. You have to target a definite group of Customers which will help you to grow your business smoothly. If you try to circulate advertisements in every group of the customer then it will create difficulties because different customers have different aspects, if do not able to match their aspects then it surely affects your good customer also. So always try to set a definite group of customers according to your product.

  So here is some group of the customer from which you can choose as per your product demand -

a.Existing Customer

b. New Market

c.Potential Customers

Step 3 - Which Platform Is Better?: 

  Now the smartest step you have to choose is the Social Channel or Platform. As you know that there are many social media platforms are available but all of them have different demographics and all have different features. So whenever you think to start for social media marketing take a proper decision as per your product.

  Here are so many Social Media Platforms -

a. Facebook
b. Youtube
c. TikTok
d. Instagram
e. Linkedin
f. Twitter
g. Whatsapp
h. Pinterest
i. Quora
j. Snapchat

Social Media Marketing Platforms
Social Media Marketing Platforms

Step 4 - Types of Engagement:

  After choosing social platforms you will get different engagements according to their features. For you can also hire someone professional who can design Photos/Graphics or make advertising video for your product, It will surely help you to give a professional look to your marketing. Your business growth fully depends on your looks and presentation of your product.

  Here are some plans in which you need to work -

a. Photos/Graphics


c. Surveys

Step 5 - Customer Support & Feedback:

  Social media is regularly updating and due to the increase of users it becomes very competitive, that's why you always need to be active. If you regularly keep in touch with your audience you will get a positive response from them. Continuously publishing posts, send messages, and comment reply habits will make your product trustable, and also they will refer your product to others.

  Business is like plantation of a small plant, it requires continuous care and time to grow. So whenever you will plan to start for social media marketing keep patient and continuously give an effort to grow properly. So, friends follow these 5 Strategic steps and grow your business in Social Media.

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