How To increase WiFi Speed In Router - 13 Smart Ideas to make WiFi Faster

How To increase WiFi Speed in Router - 13 Smart Ideas to make WiFi Faster 

How To increase WiFi Speed In Router
How To increase WiFi Speed In Router

 In the current world, it is become very common using WiFi Router in most of the houses, because of its user-friendly wireless technology and high internet speed. But every device has some limitation and require some technical optimization. If you want better output then you have to give some preference to make it user friendly and more capable. In the same way, the WiFi Router also needs some proper set up to enhance its ability.

So, Here we explain 13 smart ideas that help to increase WiFi speed. 

1. Proper Positioning of Router:

  In most cases the main reason for weak signaling is improper positioning of the router. So that we have to keep the router in obstacle-free location.

 Some Router positioning ideas to increase WiFi Speed:

  • Place it in the middle of the house like a hall or living room so that the signal will reach every corner of the house 
  • Don't place it on the ground, keep it higher from the ground you can
  • Don't place it in covered place and keep it far away from any type of metal

2. Switch to different channel network :

  Take a Basic example of various lane highway, we always prefer to drive our vehicle on the traffic-free lane. In the same way, when we try to operate our router it will be affected by interference due to neighbor signal overlapping. Due to that Signal will become weak.

So, to make WiFi faster we have to set up a channel network in setting,  which is different from other nearest ongoing channel signals.

3.Update the Router:

  As we know that WiFi is operated through Radio Signal, It has more chances of malware attack which will not only slower your internet speed also affect your internet privacy. That's why it requires regular updation which will protect the router from malware and increase WiFi Speed.

Nowadays most of the Routers have an inbuilt Update system otherwise we have to do it in a computer or mobile browser by using a router IP setting.

4. Keep away from other Radio Devices:

Similar to wifi Router device there are also various devices available in our home which are also operate on radio signal mechanisms like Microwave Oven, Bluetooth, Cordless Phone, etc. These devices also produce a magnetic field and affect the signal of the WiFi Router. So to make WiFi faster we should be careful that there is no this type of device near to Router.

5. Reboot your router during hangup situation:

Most of the time the internet stop working and hangs while browsing due to some internal reason or heat consumption. In this situation, Rebooting will increase WiFi Speed.

6. Use Repeater or Extender.

In most of the houses due to the bigger area, the signal does not reach to every corner of the house because the router has a limited area. In this situation Repeater or Extender is the best device which extends the signal reach and increases WiFi Speed as per requirement.

7. Switch the Frequency Band:

If you are using a Dual Band Router than it has a range of frequency band from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. Here we should set up the frequency at 5 GHz frequency band because it has less traffic than other frequency bands. That's why it does not allow to affect the interference and help to make WiFi faster.
But 5Ghz has a low range so keep in mind that whenever switch to 5Ghz doesn't take away your using devices from Router reach.

8. Use high gain antenna:

High Gain antennas are very much capable of generating high levels of the signal and able to reach good distance. Every Router has a portable antenna changing facility, by which we can change the antenna easily with High Gain Antenna and increase WiFi Speed for good reach.

9. Keep narrow Channel bandwidth:

Bigger Channel width allows more interference. So, set up the channel bandwidth not more than 40 GHz so that the signal can travel more smoothly. You can set up this channel width in the Router setting.

10. Set up your Router account on Privatise Mode

If you are the main user in house and other members are less user so that you can set up the privatize mode available in your setting of the router. By this mode, you can set up your most-used devices on high priority which will get more internet as required than other less using devices. The choice is yours.

11. Keep Guest Share mode On:

Routers have a facility of Guest Zone by which you can share limited internet whenever your guest will come. In this mode, you can use the main internet for you which has a different password and for a guest, you can set up a different password. In this way, you can increase WiFi Speed.

12. Setup a different DNS:

The full form of DNS is Domain Name Server like Google DNS. It is available in your setting to create different DNS. If you set up a different DNS then Router will get more ability to generate a signal and it will increase WiFi Speed as usual.

13. Take a new Router with advance technology:

At last if all these ideas are not able to make WiFi faster then it is better to have a new Router and save your waste internet.

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