6G Updates: China Has Started Researching For The Invention Of 6G Technology.

6G Updates from China: May 2020

The biggest query is arising in many countries when will they get 5G technology as they are still using 4G technology in their country. But here China already has 5G and has started research to extend it to the next generation. China is encouraging and enhancing its technology to get a higher advance level in the Wireless Network field to set an example all over the world.

Yes, it is all true but we have to think about it will we require 6G technology in the future? What will be more technology in 6G and when it will come to the real world.

Everything is just on the paper right now because there is no exact research clarity that has come, But the idea of developing it is the most valuable thing because the inventions always start with thinking.

Think of 5G, 10 years ago when we started using 4G, it was still like a revolution in wireless technology, yet the attempt to advance 4G was started. Which later became the invention of 5G.
So, we also need to start working on the next level of 5G, because as of now like 4G become a usual network, and 5G is giving a boost in wireless technology. Similarly, 5C will also become normal on a day when the number of 5C consumers will increase by a large amount.

Coming to the main updates about 6G technology and China's step towards developing 6G.

What is the 6G network?

As mentioned above, no exact explanation has yet been revealed. Because right now it is being decided to planning forward in this matter so that this technique can be achieved the best results. 
According to the researchers, it is believed that a lot of new technologies and science will be used in this network. 

It will be much faster than 5G and the frequency coming in it will be much higher than 5G. It may be in the range of Teraharz which will be more than 100 GHz and up to around 300 GHz. Because of higher speed compare to 5G, obviously, its latency will be decreased too near to zero. Just like you are going tap on the screen and before release the finger from the screen, the browser will show the next page. Maybe?

Just think how much it can be faster. After than on a quick reflection you can download movies or any bigger file in just a second. You don't even wait to enter in next page, before that it will complete the downloading or uploading.

What is China going to do?

In the present time, China is giving more priority on 5G to fulfill every area of the country. Right now more than 80 million people of china are using 5G and expecting to get more than it. The expectation is always lead to start a new era.

Now, China has signed a 6G joint strategic cooperation agreement to enhance the research on 6G technology. After the announcement published on 6G Technology Research, the biggest companies China Unicom and ZTE are planning to work on priority. And China's network operator China Mobile and China Telecom are investing in it for the future.

Both companies, China Unicom and ZTE is going to continue research on 6G technology so that it will get a higher level of advanced technology in wireless networks. They are not only giving priority on the invention of 6G Technology also they enhance the research on satellite networks, the Internet of Things, the Internet of Vehicles, and the Industrial Internet to promote the integration of 6G.

According to the researchers, it will require about 10 years to complete the research of innovation.  It will not only provide greater speeds compared to 5G technology, but it will also enhance other technologies to the advanced level like AI, VR, and AR. 

What are the other countries approaching on 6G?

And due to Technology Cold War between China and The USA becomes high, The USA Government has taken some steps in various matters which are making disputes on the relationship between both countries. The USA has decided to extend a 1-year ban on one of the biggest Network provider companies of China "Huawei". And also suggesting other countries to ban. This is heating up the Political and Technical matters between both countries.

Besides China, some other countries are also working on the invention of 6G. Japan, Korea, and Finland already have started research, and also their operating companies are planning to invest in this 6G technology innovation.

So maybe not least in some years, we will get good news in the technology invention of 6G. It will possible to happen when we will get speed in the "Tbps" rate instead of the "Gbps" rate, explained by Researchers, And China Unicom and ZTE have targeting to achieve it.

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