5G vs 4G: What Is The Difference Between 4G and 5G

5G vs 4G: What Is The Difference Between 4G and 5G
5G vs 4G: What Is The Difference Between 4G and 5G

5G vs 4G: What Is The Difference Between 4G and 5G

  Cellular communication is stepping one foot ahead worldwide. From the last decade we are using 4G & 4G LTE cellular network which was like a revolution for us when it was launched but due to regularly increasing in-network users worldwide cause it is less effective. Due to that, it was become a requirement to make it faster, and in this way, technology has been developed in wireless communication for a new generation called 5G. This is a new era of wireless communication.

  Yes, we all know that after some interval of years everything should be updated. Similarly, 5G is also like an updated version of the wireless network, which has more advanced technology compared to the previous version 4G.

So, we are here to know how 5G is better than 4G.


1. 5G vs 4G: Speed

  The biggest comparison is the data speed, the 5G network is around 500 times faster than 4G Network. Currently, 4G is transmitting maximum 1Gbps whereas 5G network can transmit 20 Gbps. The average speed of 4G is 1 Mbps to 50 Mbps whereas 5G has more than 50 Mbps Average speed. 5G Network is not only faster than 4G it is also faster than most of the Broadband Speed which is using in-home and also it can compete with fiber optical also.

2. 5G vs 4G: Latency

  The other most advanced comparison is its latency. 5G has very low latency which is less than 1-millisecond wheres as 4G has 120 times more than 5G. Latency is the time required for data transmission from one to another end. Example: 5G takes 20 times less than 1 eye blink to transmit data.

3. 5G vs 4G: Frequency Range

  5G has a very high frequency compared to 4G and the frequency bandwidth range also very high. The frequency range of 5G is 30 GHz to 300 GHz whereas the 4G has the maximum limit of 6 GHz but currently most of the network providers are providing 2.4 GHz.

4. 5G vs 4G: Coverage Distance

  The most bigger disadvantage is traveling distance. 5G signal can reach a maximum of 200-300 m because the frequency of 5G is very high that's why its microwave length is very low. In comparison, a 4G signal can transmit to more than 1 km.

5. 5G vs 4G: Transmission Ability

  Another drawback of 5G is its penetrating ability. 5G network is based on Millimeter Wave Technology, This millimeter-wave has a faster transmission speed but it can not penetrate simple window glass. Even also it can not transmit properly through obstacles like buildings concrete walls and also during rain or bad weather it can not provide proper transmission.

6. 5G vs 4G: Technology

  4G network transmits Electromagnetic Radio Wave and 5G network transmits Millimeter Wave which is also a form of Radio Wave. Which has a higher frequency range and it generates ionizing radiation which is not harmful to the Human body.

7. 5G vs 4G: Device Connectivity

  In 4G Network Technology, 10 lacs devices are connected in 500 square km area but in 5G technology 10 lacs, devices can be connected in 1 square km area.

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